Privacy Policy

There is certain personal information we require every customer to give us so that we can process all the orders made successfully. Some of the information we may require from you include; telephone number, email address, your name, card number and the date that your card expires. If you would like to receive notifications from us through your email, you can do so by clicking on the area that asks you whether you want notifications or not. If you do not want notifications, none will be sent to you. We ensure to keep all the information given to us by our customers very safe and inaccessible to unauthorized parties. This privacy policy page entails how we go about it.

Internal Confidentiality

At Fiori, there are several ways in which we ensure your privacy is well maintained. These include;

  1. We ensure that the only people who have access to your information are the ones that need it for their job performance.
  2. The Sales Control Team at our company uses a login username and password.
  3. All employees are required to sign confidentiality forms upon employment.
  4. We periodically review the database and confidentiality controls to ensure that they are up to date and that your information is secure at all time.


The cookies used by our site are not inclusive of any information given to us by our customers. The cookies are just a way for us to tell the browser you are using as well as the users preferences. This is one of the things that enable us to give you quality browsing services. It is however possible to browse the website without cookies by disenabling cookies from your browser. This will not affect your activity on the website in any way.

Your Rights

If at any point you are not sure whether we have the right information about you in the account you currently hold, you have the right to contact us and request for reviews and updates to be done. Our customer care services are open to all. You can reach us through our email or by telephone.

If you use this website, it means that you are in agreement with us using your information for detecting fraud, processing your order and payments, doing market research and doing credit referencing. If any changes are made to the privacy policy page, we will be sure to update this page. You should therefore make it a point to go through this page from time to time to stay informed of ay changes made.